The Distilleries

The Only Boundaries are State Lines

There are 4 divisions of bourbon distilleries to choose from.  Make it a point to learn and visit them all! 

Most of our clients prefer to build around 1 or 2 distilleries of the most interest and we can recommend others to round out the experience.  4 to 5 total distilleries is typically the most that could be experienced in a day without rushing.

See it from Ingredients and Distillation to Warehouse to Bottling!

Jim Beam | Arriving in Style

West division

Maker’s Mark

Jim Beam


Limestone Branch


Heaven Hill

Four Roses (Warehouse/Bottling)

Woodford Reserve | All Ages Checking Out the Science of Fermentation

East division

Woodford Reserve

Buffalo Trace

Town Branch

Wild Turkey

Barrel House

Bluegrass Distillers

Hatfield & Co.

Four Roses (Distillery)

Jeptha Creed | Bloody Butcher Corn Ingredient

Louisville area division

Evan Williams

Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse



Kentucky Artisan

Jeptha Creed

Angel’s Envy


Three Boys Distillery | In the Lab!

Goldenrod division

New Riff

Boone Co.

Old Pogue

Wilderness Trail

MB Roland


Three Boys